In cooperation with competition proven and experienced 3D pilots the COMPETITION-LINE was developed.
Based on the unique and unrivaled tube technology of the propeller shaft guide, length and bearings have been adapted to achieve a minimum service life > 700 operating hours at propeller masses up to 250g/ 500g and speeds up to 6,500 rpm and rotational accelerations of the pitch and yaw axis up to 35 rad/s.
This is achieved with unrivaled gear unit masses of 505g/ 766g.
An even stiffer, weight-optimized base plate made of 6mm DUR aluminum and a big wheel increased to 80/ 100 teeth allow the full power (9 KW/ 15 KW input power) to be exploited without further deflection (power expander) and an expansion of the reduction ratio straight for multi-blade propellers up to 4.44:1 / 5.52:1.

THE high performance allround gearbox, even for extreme 3D flying, with outstanding power to weight ratio!


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