The variable high performance timingbelt gear for engine inputpower up to 11 (15)Kw (with power expander) for your 3-D-aerobatics plane up to 3.1m or your trainer or towing-plane up to 4m span.
With itīs double ball bearings and itīs 12mm hardened shaft you will be good prepared for all what can happen in rc-flying.
It is capable for axial loads up to 1.180N (115Kg) push or drag.
Several gear-ratios, starting with 4.89:1 to 3.67:1 give you the opportunity to achive even with high rpm-engines (500kv-600kv) low airscrew-rpm for best efficency.
The professional airscrew mounting system donīt let you miss anything at all.
Four M5-screws and a M12 fine pitch nut gives you the security you need.
The engine will be mount with 3 to 4 x M4-screws on a 30mm bolt circle.
Due to itīs clever design the gear mass is only 610g. With an SCORPION HKIII 5040-530kv or an KONTRONIK PYRO 1000-48 (each with a mass of 840g) a total weight of 1.450g is achievable.
This means a weight advantage up to 1.150g to a comparable direct-drive engine.

For e pre-orientation we recommend the pc-tool DRICE CALCULATOR (

Obvious we will give you assistance to find YOUR appropriate solution. Please get in contact with us!

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