About us

Who is eAnSys and what do we want?

eAnSys is a small Team of ambitious and enthusiastic supporter with know how and believe in electric propulsion systems. We think that they are versatile applicable, highly flexible and in the appropriate combination highly efficient. Not a solution for every, but for many mobility aspects of today and the future.

Head of Team is the founder and holder, who becomes in young years in touch with rc-modelling and electric propulsion systems and there variability. This finally leads into a study as engineer and 34 years diversified and professional activity around maintenance, overhaul and technical and logistical support of man carrying helicopters.

In that time he received intensive knowledge due to planning, defining, the realisation and type approval of  aeronautic systems as manufacturer, but although as user.

The possibility of a new orientation leads to the founding of  eAnSys and together with engaged and highly motivated Team members, new und evolutionary solution approaches will be defined and established for mobility matters.
Besides the direct marketing in this shop there is an additional focus on individual system solutions for electrical drive systems as customer optimized solutions. In this field we support you in any way to realize your ideas as a System house.
Just get in contact with us and we will convince you with innovative solution approaches.

Your eAnSys - Team