German-made brushless controller with extensive features.
With the KOSMIK family there is a wide range of 14S controllers from 160A - 300A continuous rating.


Why should I use a Telemtrie controller?
Modern LiPo batteries have a special "discharge threshold" (DoD= Depth of Discharge) which is 80% of the capacity specification.
If the battery is only discharged up to this threshold, it has maximum durability within the scope of its technical design and we get the longest possible lifetime out of it. However, it should also not be significantly undercut, as each charge cycle "stresses" the battery. The "used" capacity of the battery is also transmitted in the telemetry log and can be combined with a visual and/or acoustic warning, e.g. at 75%. This way there is still a 5% capacity buffer left to land. This is much safer than just flying with a timer and not realizing until charging how much capacity has flown away . . . .

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