The Single-Gear-M-Series is developed as a high quality and affordable double ball bearing timingbelt gear for sport and training planes and engine input power up to 5Kw.

It´s mechanical design is made for 208N (21 Kg) continues loads in Axial direction (tension/ press) and withdraw loads up to 416N (42Kg) peak.
The airscrew is mounted on a 10mm alloy shaft with alloy nut and alloy washer.
The rear plate is prepared for a 29mm spanner for an easy airscrew mounting.
The engine will be mount with 2 x M4 screws on 30mm bolt circle.
The gear ratio can be vary in a large scale by different driver-/ engine pulleys. So you find for every opportunity the best effectiveness for your needs.

You have to choose between two general types:
- for engines with low rpm/V (gear-ratio 1.5 to 2.4)
- for engines with high rpm/V (gear-ratio 2.57 to 4.0)

Please be aware:
If you choose driver-/ engine pulleys with clamping cone it could be possible that you have to shorten the engine shaft on 6mm and 10mm shaft-diameter.
On engines with 4, 5 and 8mm shaft, the clamping cone is hollow so that there is no need for shortening.
Screw fitting pulleys need a flat area on the shaft.


For using Single-Gear you are although able to take direct-drive engines with higher number of cells but although take helicopter-engines (SCORPION, KONTRONIK, HACKER etc.) which are predestinated.
With the PC-Tool Drive Calculator ( you are able to get a pre-orientation what a engine-gear combination of your mind is possible to achieve.
But obviously we will give you advisory support if you wish. Please get in contact with us.

On the page Measurements of engine-/ gear combinations you will although find further informations

gear-ratio 1.5 to 2.4

This variant of single gear is special designed for engines with...