Driver-/ enginepulleys

Her you can find the right driver-/ enginepulley for the gear-ratio you need.
Be aware of the following:
- for drive shaft diameter of 6 and 8mm you can receive pulleys with transversly screw fitting
- the mounting happens with 4mm internal hex srews on the flattened drive shaft.
- on shaftīs without flatten area you have to flatten it with a cutting-disk (like DREMEL)

Otherwise you can mount driver-/ enginepulleys by clamping cone on drive shaft.
Clamping cone and pulley are fixed by screwing against each other on the engine shaft. For loosen the combination it can be possible that you have to use a pulling-off device.
please notice the following:
- the pulleys for 4mm, 5mm and 6mm shaftīs are identic. You need only a different clamping cone.
- the pulleys for 8mm and 10mm shaftīs are identic. You need only a differnet clamping cone.
- the clamping cone for 4mm, 5mm and 8mm shaft are hollow.
- when using clamping coneīs on 6mm and 8mm engine shaft itīs possible that you have to shorten the shaft length by a cutting-disk or fitten the engine mount.