YGE-Brushless Controller are very reliable and proven by eAnSys.
The following variants are available:
YGE 120 HVT (4 - 12 S)  120A maximum continuous full power current, telemetry
YGE 165 HVT (6 - 14 S)  165A maximum continuous full power current, telemetry
YGE 205 HVT (6 - 14 S)  205A maximum continuous full power current, telemetry
YGE 320 HV V1 (4 - 16S) 320A maximum continuous full power current, ProgCard III

Why should i fly with a telemetry-controller?
Modern LiPo´s have an speciality when discharged. If you stay within discharging up to 80% (DoD= depth of discharge) you achieve the maximum technical lifetime. But you shouldn´t although often use a LiPo less, because every charging means "stress" for a LiPo. One telemtry-feature is the information about the used capacity and you can combine it with an optical/ acoustic warning when you reached, as example, the 75% DoD. Now you have 5% capacity left for landing. This is much more secure then flying with a timer and see the used capacitiy when charging the LiPo . . . . . . .

INFORMATION: The "old" YGE-205HVT in silver, with a better performance (15S - 280A) without BEC will be still available but woun´t be renamed.
The YGE 320 HV V1 will not longer be produced. Hopefully at the beginning of 2020 there will be a new 16S YGE-300HVT (without BEC)

- USB-Adapter (pc-adapter for all telemetry-controller of YGE)
- Prog-Card III (programming device for YGE 320 HV V1


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