It is with great pleasure that eAnSys presents the result of 6 years of successful activity in the production and design of timing belt drives.
With the new HYBRID-Line, the advantages of METAL and CARBON technology come together in perfect symbiosis to create a unique product.
Based on the proven and unrivaled tube technology of the propeller shaft guide, the length and bearings can be adapted in such a way that a minimum service life of > 700 operating hours is achieved with propeller masses of up to 600 g and speeds of up to 7,000 rpm and rotational accelerations of the pitch and yaw axis of up to 35 rad/s.
The whole thing is scaled in three application areas:
- Single-Gear 40+ Hybrid (covers the range between 40cc - 90cc)
- Single-Gear 100+ Hybrid (covers the range between 100cc - 170cc)
- Single-Gear 170+ Hybrid (for drives larger than 170cc)

There are basically two options for the user.

In the INTERGRIDED version, the tube is located in a "CFRP cage" which enables the gearbox to be screwed directly to the engine bulkhead using M5, M6 or M8 threaded screws. The length of the "CFRP cage" is individually adapted to the customer/model dimensions. The distance between the spinner backplate and the engine dome serves as an aid here.

The STANDARD version is delivered without this "CFRP cage" and the HYBRID gearbox is attached as before using "stand-offs" or an extended engine dome. This gives the buyer a free hand in designing the drive integration.

The SINGLE-GEAR HYBRID, a new milestone in application-optimized timing belt technology for model drives.

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