The single-gear hybrid takes shape

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The single-gear hybrid takes shape - Single gear hybrid, CFK gearbox, timing belt transmission, new development

Initial tests have shown the single-gear hybrid to be a successful continuation of the innovative tube technology for the transmission shaft bearing.
Thanks to a successful material mix of CFRP base body and aluminum and steel components, the power-to-weight ratio, rigidity and mountability are improved.
Thanks to the continued variability of the reduction ratio, this results in an enormous range in the adaptability of the propeller to your model. From hardcore 3-D to scale multi-blade almost everything is possible smiley
With a large selection of German and internationally manufactured helicopter engines, there is an almost frightening variety of drives available.
Rely on efficient, performance-optimized drives with excellent power-to-weight ratio and the usability of your preferred components.
We support you with pleasure and with "heart blood".

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