complete Drive-Set´s for your needs 

In this section we offering complete Drive-Set´s around our gears.
The following components are included for your convenience:
- Controller
- engine
- gear
- airscrew (on demand, causes additional cost), selection of type in accordance with you and gear-ratio.

The components are mutually agreed and were completely configured.
You will get a "plug&play-Drive-set" which you only have to mount in the fuselage and to combine the controller with your receiver and your drive battery/ flight pack. 

This are our service features:
- confection of the controller with a connector system you prefer
- configuration of the controller for your needs- in accordance with you
- drilling of the airscrew mounting holes
- static balancing of the airscrew
- engine mounting to the gear
- test run with power and thrust protocol

You like to have a different engine and/ or another controller? Get in contact with us and you will get an offer, you can´t reject !

If you have questions for a appropriate drive battery/ flight pack we will give you tips and further informations